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For My Grandpa Jolley (and Grandma)

Yesterday I attended the wonderful farewell funeral for my Grandpa Jolley.  He died 14 years to the day from the death of his beloved wife.  He missed her tremendously.  I found out recently that my Grandma came partially from Irish heritage (perhaps that’s why she had red hair).
The video:
My cousin Jared Davis (who got more of the Irish genes) helped me make the video and is featured in it.
The music:
This is an Irish orchestral version of the profound hymn Sweet Hour of Prayer that I composed. It features several Irish instruments such as:
Uilleann Pipes: These are from the bagpipe family but are different from the typically-seen Scottish bagpipes.  One obvious difference is you need to be sitting down to play them.
Bodhran Drum: This is a hand held Irish drum that looks like a large tamborine (tambourine).  But it can produce a range of sounds.
Violin: A typical complement to small Irish folk bands, sometimes called a fiddle.
Harp: A great way to add harmony and rhythm, and a feeling of mystery.
Others not included:
Other typical Irish instruments I did not include this time:
Flute, Whistle, Concertina
I chose 2 of the 4 verses that exist for this hymn.
The first instrumental passage between verses sounds like a medieval dance to me, and it’s a part I would add when singing this as a lullaby to my children.  Because this hymn is written in 3:4 time a waltz works.
The second instrumental – I originally wasn’t sure if it fit, but I really enjoy it.  To me it brings out the feeling of victory over life’s challenges, thanks to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
This hymn is one of the first I learned to play on the piano as it was easy to play.  But the lyrics have become more profound to me .
The story behind the author of the lyrics is in itself a great inspiring story – but for another day.
You can watch it here

Sweet Hour of Prayer

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