It’s Time for “Love”

It’s time for…Love. This is an electronic deep house track, that I was asked to produce by a company that runs an app for teens to make videos of themselves having fun. We were going for something vaguely in the style of Pascal Letoublon’s “Friendships” – a track that went viral in part thanks to kids using it […]

The Stranger

The Stranger - A message about Christ.

A business man finds meaning in daily service, and a connection to a stranger he never expected.

For My Grandpa Jolley (and Grandma)

Yesterday I attended the wonderful farewell funeral for my Grandpa Jolley.  He died 14 years to the day from the death of his beloved wife.  He missed her tremendously.  I found out recently that my Grandma came partially from Irish heritage (perhaps that’s why she had red hair). The video: My cousin Jared Davis (who […]

Fireworks and Mario and You

An Impossible Dream   It was the 4th of July. I was single, away at college studying to be a chemical engineer. I went to visit my Grandparents. We drove in their car to a spot we could see the fireworks across the whole valley. Grandma put on a tape cassette about the life of […]

Secrets of the Trials Star Wars Fan Film Score

I had a great time writing the music for this Star Wars Fan Film. Yesterday my family and I got to go to the premiere at the a large local theater.  It was fun to meet the cast and crew after staring at their faces writing music for so long.   One of my dreams […]

Mi Mambo, Mi Amor

Mi Mambo, Mi Amor

This is a homage to Perez Prado – the proponent of big band style mambo of the 1950s, and writer of the original Mambo No. 5. Mambo is one of several styles of Cuban music that became so popular and are found in lots of movies of that era. Characterized by brass band instruments, congas, […]

A beautiful Chopin cover

A beautiful Chopin cover

I made this version of one of Chopin’s most famous Nocturnes last year for a video maker. It’s a beautiful composition and really hits the spot when you need to decompress. In fact for me it is one of the more relaxing or soothing classical pieces I know. Chopin Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, […]

Star Wars for Christmas

Andrew Thiriot Trailer Music for Secrets of the Trials Star Wars Fan Film

I composed and produced the trailer music for this Star Wars Fan Film – the second in a trilogy. I have now been asked to score the short film, which is looking like lots of fun.

Gilesby’s Theme – Accordion Concerto for Animated Short

Gilesby's Theme Accordion Concerto Andrew Thiriot Composer Producer

I wrote a little piece of music which is to be used in a micro short animation.  It’s the story of a young woman in Paris who overcomes her self-doubt when she meets a street accordion player. The music is what I call an Accordion Concerto.  Concerto means “with” (con) “instruments” (certo) which traditionally is an orchestra.  So a […]

Have I Seen You Before? – Indie Rock / Pop

Imagine that you haven’t left your house after a long, long time. Where would you go? Who would you visit? How have things changed? “Elegant, catchy and bright slice of charming and heartfelt indie-pop; it is beautiful and touching as it skips along a jaunty vibe while synths twinkle and guitars jangle” – Barry Gruff […]